Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back from the holidays

I'm finally back from the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed the quotes I've been posting and are ready to get back to the Way to Happiness booklet that I was previously posting on.

Just as a little kick off - one of the aims of Scientology is good will on earth and peace toward men. I would love more good will and peace on this earth - which is one of the many reasons I am blogging about
The Way to Happiness booklet. If you apply each of the precepts listed in the book, you will have created some more good will on this earth, and we could all use it!

So, to review (though you can always look back in my blog too):

Precept 1: Take Care of Yourself
1-1 Get care when you are ill
1-2 Keep your body clean
1-3 Preserve your teeth
1-4 Eat properly
1-5 Get rest

Precept 2: Be Temperate (temperate means not going to extremes; not overdoing things)
2-1 Do not take harmful drugs
2-2 Do not take alcohol to excess

Precept 3: Don't be Promiscuous
3-1 Be faithful to your sexual partner

That brings me to the next precept - 4. Love and Help Children. Mr. Hubbard says:
"Today's children will become tomorrow's civilization. Bringing a child into the world today is a little bit like dropping one into a tiger's cage. Children can't handle the environment and they have no real resources. They need love and help to make it."

Mr. Hubbard talks more about this precept in the book
The Way to Happiness. This non-religious moral code works when followed. I mean, if everyone in the world loved and helped their children and the children around then, how much better would the world be? Make your own decision - try following the precepts listed in The Way to Happiness, and see if your life gets better off and happier.
Check out the
free e-book of The Way to Happiness.

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