Monday, June 30, 2008

Q&A about Communication

The other day I got an email from one of the readers of this blog and I am posting it (the question) and my response (the answer) here. The names have been removed to protect the innocent. :)

Subject: Scientology / Communication question...
"I was reading your blog and wondering if you could help clear something up for me. I've been reading up on the
Communication formula in the Scientology handbook (intention, attention, duplication, acknowledgement). Is there a way you could provide some everyday examples of it at work? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it!"

Response from Julia:
"Hmm... an example at work. I'd say that there have been times that I needed a piece of paperwork and I called the person I needed it from, stating my intention. Since they were paying attention to what I was saying, they understood and duplicated what I wanted - sending me the paperwork. Once I received the paperwork I called them back to acknowledge the receipt."

Does anyone else have examples of this they'd like to share or questions on the communication formula?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Youth for Human Rights

I haven't mentioned Youth for Human Rights lately, but I just saw some of their Public Service Announcements on tv today and I thought I'd share their link and info with you. I'm going to leave you with my favorite PSA:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Purification Rundown

I have been asked to do a post on the Purification Rundown. I googled it really quickly and saw that it's listed as "controversial". I'm not sure what could be "controversial" about a detoxification program that thousands of people have done and experienced great results from... but I digress.

The Purification Program or "Purif" is basically a detox program based on the idea that long after drugs have been used, they remain in the fat cells of the person. The same thing goes for various toxins a person picks up in daily life. What the program does is allows the body to release those toxins and sweat them out - while replacing the old, drug engorged fat cells with new, clean cells.

I did the Purif about 10 years ago and, though I hadn't even taken any drugs, I felt much better afterwards. During the sweat program I dealt with some novocain that was stuck in the fat cells of my mouth and sweated out some pretty gross stuff that I think I must have picked up from the air in Los Angeles. I lived in LA when it was incredibly polluted and I didn't realize it, but these toxins were affecting my eyesight! I'm glad I got them out of my system.

So, does anyone have any questions?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Link Roundup

I haven't done one of these in a while, so I'm going to do a little round up of interesting, Scientology related posts. Enjoy!

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response to a student, answering some interesting and universal questions about Scientology.

Max posts about
change as it relates to programming. I love his blog because, though it's about programming, it's very easy to extract life lessons from it.

Val at Scientology Lives tells us about a
class she's taking.

Scientology Celebrities talks about a friend of mine
Jason Dohring.

Grahame participated in
Blogging for Human Rights

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Scientology and kids.