Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Solutions for Drug Addiction

L. Ron Hubbard has put together solutions for drug and alcohol addiction. I wanted that information in this blog in case anyone needed this sort of help, or knows someone who does.

There is an awesome program called
Narconon that has helped many drug addicts - I know someone that used to be addicted to several different street drugs and she is at one of the Narconon centers getting treatment - which is going well. If this is something you, a friend or a family member is interested in, make sure to check out the website or call the hotline: 1-877-947-5900 and get help. There is nothing more heartbreaking then watching someone you love slide down the slippery slope of drug use and addiction.

You can also research what Mr. Hubbard has to say about drug addiction at home. I recommend getting either the booklet
Answer to Drugs to get started or getting the Scientology Handbook. Both of these contain excellent information on why people get on drugs and how to solve the drug problem. I'll give you a little excerpt that I found particularly cool:

"Yet though the dangers and liabilities of drugs are blatantly obvious and increasingly well documented, people continue to take them.


"When a person is depressed or in pain, and where he finds no physical relief from treatment, he will eventually discover for himself that drugs remove his symptoms."

There's more on this and how it affects the user mentally and spiritually in the
Scientology Handbook chapter: "The Reason Behind the Drug Problem". I found this little excerpt profound in its simplicity. People don't take drugs because they are jerks - they take them because there's something wrong. The chapter above goes into the details of what is wrong and, later in the section, how to fix it.

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