Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sex and the Tone Scale

I just completed the "Starting a Successful Marriage Course" and in it, it talks about the tone scale (where people are at emotionally, are they enthusiastic, interested, bored, overtly hostile, covertly hostile, fearful, sad, etc) and how they react to the subject and action of sex. Here is a brief overview:

  • People who are enthusiastic in life have a high enjoyment level and very moral reactions toward sex.

  • People very interested in life have a high interest in the opposite sex and are faithful to their partners.

  • People who are bored in life have some disinterest in sex, mostly because they are not interested in anything. Sexual action can be performed, depending on physical ability.

  • People who are openly hostile are disgusted with sex and have a revulsion toward sex. When people are very hateful, they can use sex as a punishment.

  • People who are covertly hostile will be promiscuous, perverse and sadistic. They do not enjoy sex, but have a hectic anxiety about it. Here is the pervert, unfaithful lover, easy marriage and quick divorce.

  • People who are constantly sad are often impotent and are anxious about sex, with only occasional efforts to procreate.

More info can be found in the course above and in the book: Science of Survival, which is a really informative book that talks about people and how to understand and deal with them.

Another reason I thought I'd bring the above info up on my blog is that I've run into situations with my friends where they weren't being so sane when it came to sex with other people. To me, a lot of the information that I read in the course above and in Science of Survival helped me understand what they were going through and how to help them.

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