Thursday, April 09, 2009

Purpose of this Blog

I had someone ask me why I write in this blog and share Scientology with people. I thought I should share the answer with everyone.

I have been a Scientologist my whole life. I have studied a lot of the principles of Scientology, but I am still learning. So, it's nice to have a place to share my favorite quotes and principles.

Also, (and this is really the bigger reason) I have found the principles of Scientology to be extremely workable in life. They have helped me get through some rough times. Scientology is a religion that accepts people of all faiths because it is an applied religious philosophy (meaning it deals in application of its axioms and principles to life). Anyone can use it and, from what I've seen, it doesn't matter what your religion is, you can use Scientology to better your life.

I think there's a lot of crap out on the Internet about my religion and I think it's time somebody gave some true information to people that helps them better their life, not just invalidate things. I know bad news and conflict draw more attention than good, simple solutions to life, but I don't think it should be that way.

So, that may have been a little long winded, but I hope it answers any questions. I'll leave you with a quote from
A New Slant on Life:

"The true story of Scientology is simple, concise and direct. It is quickly told:

"1. A philosopher developed a philosophy about life and death.

"2. People find it interesting.

"3. People find it works.

"4. People pass it along to others.

"5. It grows."

L. Ron Hubbard


eternity said...

Thank you,Julia,for explaining the purpose of your blog,and for sharing what you're sharing in it! You're setting a very good example of what true scientologist is:somebody who lives by its(scientology) principles and beliefs! Somebody who wants ,genuinely, to help people to stand ,firmly,on the survival road!(what is this knowledge,scientology,its principles,its ideas,its beliefs,its axioms ,its technology,if applied correctly,than a road to survival,better survival of all of us!) I am following your blog ,and i'll enjoy to read on it any of your successes,cognitions,realizations,understandings,wins from application scientology principles and its technology on the road to a better survival of all of us! I browse through internet and i see the amount of false,distorted ,malicious ,harmfulinformation about scientology and scientologists ! But people deserve to know the truth about it! You're one of the messengers of truth about it!And your messege is your own example:what you write,how you write ,what you share with others,how you feel in your life about it,what you do with it,and which results you achieve with it! I wish you fantastic wins ,Julia,with application of this knowledge,this wisdom,this survival tool,that L.Ron Hubbard inherited to all of us! Any single piece of this vast knowledge is a piece that can aid us to achieve a better survival,and the more "pieces" of this vast knowledge we'll understand and apply ,in our everyday life,the better life of all of us will become! Let's take, for example,"The way to happiness" twenty-one precepts : "Take Care of Yourself.

Be Temperate.

Don’t Be Promiscuous.

Love and Help Children.

Honor and Help Your

Set a Good Example.

Seek to Live with the

Do Not Murder.

Don’t Do Anything

Support a Government
Designed and Run for
All the People.

Do Not Harm a Person
of Good Will.

Safeguard and Improve
Your Environment.

Do Not Steal.

Be Worthy of Trust.

Fulfill Your Obligations.

Be Industrious.

Be Competent.

Respect the Religious
Beliefs of Others.

Try Not to Do Things
to Others That
You Would
Not Like Them to
Do to You.

Try to Treat Others As
You Would Want Them
to Treat You.

Flourish and Prosper" ...To be honest with ourselves,we need to aks:Are we living ,in our everyday life,by ALL of these twenty-one precepts ? Everyone of us needs to check it for himself,because to find ourselves on the road to a better survival,we need to apply ALL these 21 points! Because all these 21 precepts need to become our way of life,and not something,that we have,only,in the mind as theory! And if we find ourselves unsuccessful in applying (and getting the results we want) with some of these precepts,we need to examine and discover the real reasons for this! The responsibility is ours! ...And we need to remember,one more thing:survival is not an individual thing! We are,here,to help each other! Survival relates to supporting ALL eight dynamics in such a way,that all we do supports the maximum number of them! ...Hugs! Michael

Elijah said...

Hi Julia!
My name is Elijah.I'm from Macedonia and I learn a lot from L.R.Hubbard books and from scientology church in my country.I'm new in Sci,and I'm glad that I found your blog on internet cuase I love mr.Hubbard's quotes and sayings and you have beautiful comments on it.I'm looking forward to read and learn from all your writings on this blog.

Julia said...

Hi Elijah!

I'm glad you like it! :) Keep in touch and ask me any questions you have.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia!
I have a question regarding auditing.Do you think that one may clear some of his engrams with stable datum(or scientology processess,to say,and cognitions that one may have in that processess), or engrams are cleaned only by dianetic auditing?
I think that some of the engrams,are more in our control with stable data that we learn.For example,reciently I was on a course here in my country,that is called "Anathomy of the human mind".After this course I build up my thetan with so much stable data and I have more control of my (theta) conditions.I'm confused,is there cleaning some of the engrams with only recieving stable datum and some cognition?!Or we are just more in control of them,they are still here,and wait for thetan's weak times to "blow up"?!
I have only 5-6 ours dianetic auditing,and I don't have much benefit from it,like I has with some of the courses.Maybe I need cognitions,and thay make me stronger.Cognitions that are result of courses,reading mr. Hubbard's books and proccessing with Self-analysis and Handbook for precliers.My question to you is:is dianetic auditing "a must do thing" to go up to bridge to tottal freedom? Or maybe there are different alternatives to becaume better and more stable person?!
Thank you!

Julia said...

Hi Ile,

In your church, I am sure they have a Grade Chart which is the step-by-step chart of the Scientology processing and training you can do. It also shows the proper sequence in which to take part in the processing and training. I think a review of that should answer your questions. Please let me know if it doesn't.
:) Julia