Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some New Scientology Websites

I found some new Scientology websites that I'd like to share. They specifically have to do with certain programs that Scientologists make donations to support. They are: - which is an international youth drug education program that educates kids from 6 years old and up on the negative effects of drugs. - an international program which educates and promotes human rights both to children and to adults in all countries of the worlds. Several countries have adopted the objectives of this program as their own. - an international program which spearheads human rights in all countries of this planet. It helps support other human rights programs, as well as having their own program to handle intolerance and violations of human rights.

There are many many other humanitarian programs that Scientology is involved in. I have linked to the ones that I know of - but it's likely that there are more. To get more info on other humanitarian projects Scientology is involved in, check out

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