Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What has Scientology done for me lately?

I've been looking back at my blogs and realizing I sound a little preachy. That's not really how I want to come off. I really just want to tell people about my religion. It's something I'm proud of. Every time I learn more about it, I want to tell more people about it. So, that's really the point of this blog.

I've recently read a book by L. Ron Hubbard called "Problems of Work". The reason I was reading it is I was getting really bored and sick of my work. While reading it, I realized that, while work is something I have to do, day in, day out, it doesn't have to suck. I can totally have fun with it without slacking off. It's something that allows me to grow and expand. I work as an assistant and I have to say, it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. My boss knows that. I want to write books - which is something I'm working on. But, while I have been perfectly forthcoming with my boss about what I want to do with my life, I am not always super in to my job. Now that I read this book, something clicked and I am in to my job now. It's fun and exciting. Once I figure out exactly what it was I read in the book that did this for me, I'll blog about it. Stay tuned.


Shane said...

I assume you finished the new restored basic book, had you read the old version, how did this one compare to that?

Julia said...

Hi Shane,
I did read both books. The main thing that changed in the newly restored book (as I understand it) was the formatting and grammar as the book had been transcribed. I thought that this newer version had a clearer layout. In the old one there was a section that repeated itself. In the newer one there is no such section. Have you ever read Problems of Work?

Shane said...

yes I have, great book.

my success from that one is I feel almost out of place sometimes at work because I just simply follow the cycle of action, start, change stop and i finish my projects, and I'm always thinking about the final product so the work in between just kind of zooms by