Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Rumormill

I've been posting definitions of various Scientology terms lately. You may have wondered why. So, here it is: I've heard a lot of strange rumors about Scientology running amok. As a Scientologist, they don't make sense to me, so I simply assumed people didn't understand what Scientology was and thus, decided to define the basic terms for everyone.

This approach hasn't gotten me any amazing responses, and the responses I have gotten are a bit out of my league. Most have asked me about things I honestly know nothing about. However, because people have asked such penetrating questions, I felt a need to answer them and found two really great websites to tell you what is fact and what is fiction when you search the web for information about Scientology. So, here are some great links by people a lot smarter than myself:

Grahame answers the burning question:
is Scientology a Cult?
(This is something I also addressed in a post called
Is Scientology a Religion?)

Grahame also addresses a very touchy subject -
Scientology ex-members.

He talks about "Fair Game"
here and here

I could go on and on with the questions Grahame has taken on - from
aliens to how one joins the Church of Scientology, but that would make my blog be a list of his posts... so I'll move on.

Another great website that tackles and separates fact from fiction is
Scientology Myths. Ever wondered about Clambake, Lisa McPherson, Copywritten scriptures and more? Got to Scientology Myths. Or, if your questions aren't answered there, ask them on the Scientology Myths Blog.

I hope these links help clear up the rumors and confusions that have surrounded Scientology. I would personally like to point out that Scientology is a very new religion - the only religion that I know of that was developed in the 20th century. And, as all new religions get attacked for what they stand for - goodness, peace, humanity, etc, I'm not particularly upset about the attacks Scientology has weathered. I've experienced nothing but good from my religion and I hope everyone who reads what I have to say will check out more about Scientology from the horses mouth - like reading a book, talking to an actual church member, touring a church, etc.


SomethingNice said...

I've been reading your blog and Grahame's, and I like them both. I especially liked your post in March on "Scientology: A Short History".

Grahame's been answering a lot of questions about rumours, and there's good information on the myths site you mentioned too.

I think some people are curious what Scientology is, but some are confused by what Scientology is not.

As more people realize how ridiculous those rumours about Scientology are, maybe they'll have questions about what Scientology actually is.

Julia said...

Thanks Somethingnice! I mostly post true information about Scientology (as you've noticed...) but since most of the commentary I get is questions about what Scientology is not... I felt the need to stick this little post in.

I really hope that more people will realize the ridiculousness of the rumors flying about the internet and will begin to take an honest look at what truths Scientology has to offer.

Thanks again for your kind comments! I am always glad to hear from you and find out what you think about my posts. :)