Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scientology Definition of Responsibility

I recently reread the definition of the word "responsibility" in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics Book and it always strikes me as incredibly true. Check out the definition:

"The nonrecognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and the assumption of full right of determination over it...

"Full responsibility is not fault; it is recognition of being cause.

"Responsibility also means a state, quality or fact of being responsible, and responsible means legally or ethically accountable for the care or welfare of another. Involving personal accountability or ability to act without guidance or superior authority. Being the source or cause of something. Capable of making moral or rational decisions on one's own and therefore answerable for one's behavior. Able to be trusted or depended upon; reliable. Based upon or characterized by good judgment or sound thinking."

Isn't that deep?! What responsible thing have you done lately?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I'm from macedonia,and I often visited a scientology church here in macedonia.This night I was on a lecture in the church that is called "Responsibility" so I was trying some deffinitions on net and I came here on your blog.It is a beautiful deffinitions and thank you:)