Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Purification Rundown

I have been asked to do a post on the Purification Rundown. I googled it really quickly and saw that it's listed as "controversial". I'm not sure what could be "controversial" about a detoxification program that thousands of people have done and experienced great results from... but I digress.

The Purification Program or "Purif" is basically a detox program based on the idea that long after drugs have been used, they remain in the fat cells of the person. The same thing goes for various toxins a person picks up in daily life. What the program does is allows the body to release those toxins and sweat them out - while replacing the old, drug engorged fat cells with new, clean cells.

I did the Purif about 10 years ago and, though I hadn't even taken any drugs, I felt much better afterwards. During the sweat program I dealt with some novocain that was stuck in the fat cells of my mouth and sweated out some pretty gross stuff that I think I must have picked up from the air in Los Angeles. I lived in LA when it was incredibly polluted and I didn't realize it, but these toxins were affecting my eyesight! I'm glad I got them out of my system.

So, does anyone have any questions?


danipast said...

Hi Julia :-) very nice your blogs

Greats from Italy :-)


Julia said...

Thanks so much, Danilo! I can't read Italian and speak only basic, conversational Italian, but I like your blog too and appreciate the comment.
- Julia

Aligote said...

Hi Julia,
You said you “dealt with” some Novocain during this detoxification. Was this a physical or mental experience? You also talked about some toxins that you blamed on pollution; did you actually see something in your sweat? Just hoping I could get a description of what you sweated out. I understand some of the controversy surround this cleanse, Wikipedia says that they administer higher than safe levels of vitamin B13. Also that they recommend you spend more time in a sauna than is healthy.

Julia said...

Hi Aligote! The novocain that I sweated out was a physical experience in that my mouth was numb for about an hour - then the numbness went away. I can only attribute that to getting my canines pulled when I was younger and I had to get a ton of novocain shots.
The "gross stuff" that I talk about in the air of good ol' LA came out in the form of a yellow-ish sweat (I don't ever sweat that color) along with various physical phenomena I remember feeling before my parents and I moved out of LA when it was very polluted. (I was six years old when we moved, so forgive me if I don't recall the exact symptoms. I talked to my parents about it at the time.)
I am sure that the members of Wikipedia have their own ideas, but when you are on the Purification Program, you do get checked by a doctor to make sure you're healthy and so on - it's not some random unmonitored activity. Also, there's a lot of people I know who have done the Purif and they have not been negatively effected by the time in the sauna or the B13. I am not a doctor, but just going by my experience with people who have done the program, I'd say it seems pretty safe and well monitored to me.

Julia said...

PS: Thanks for the comment and your questions! I hope I answered them to your satisfaction. :)