Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Response to GRHnDC

I got a comment that I feel needs more than just another comment to respond. GRHnDC asks:

"Please explain why it costs so much to cross the Bridge..."
I know of some great posts where someone took the time to answer this very same question, so instead of answering you "on the fly", I'm going to link to these well thought-out posts. Here they are:

Cost of Scientology
A round up of posts by Grahame about Scientology Costs
What Scientology Myths has to say about the monetary cost of Scientology
Information on how Scientology Churches are supported financially

Also, here's my 2 cents: I personally have never had a problem with being asked to make a donation for a service provided by my church. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints requires their parishioners give tithes (a tenth of their income) and most churches ask for a donation when you go to church on Sunday. I am proud to support my church. My boyfriend works for a Scientology Church as a minister and he is paid with these donations, as is any minister of any church.

Your next question was: "Please share your opinions on the Xenu mythology that is part of the Wall of Fire indoctrination of OT III..."

I hate to say this, but I have no opinion. I have not done OT III, nor have I ever heard this mythology mentioned by a church member or within the church. The only times I've ever seen it is on the Internet or on South Park. I don't really think those are credible sources. Sorry to disappoint.

Lastly, you thanked me for my blog. You're so welcome! I'm sorry if I can't always answer every single question - I don't know where some of the stuff people say comes from... but if I can answer any other questions, I certainly will.


J.R. LeMar said...


So how far along are you? Have you reached OT 1 or 2 or "Clear?"

Julia said...

Hi JR, none of the above, actually. I'll have to do a post on it some time, but the most recent auditing I've recieved was completing my Happiness Rundown. It was a really fun thing to do!

J.R. LeMar said...

So how long have you been a Scientologist? I remember an earlier blog where you talked about doing the "Purification Rundown" 10 years ago, yet your profile says that you're only 22. So you did that when you were 12?

Julia said...

Believe it or not, I've been a Scientologist since I was born. I did do the Purification Rundown when I was a kid - I grew up in LA before the pollution laws and the air clean up, so I had a good deal of toxins in my body by the time I was 12.