Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Professional

I seem to be into quotes lately, so forgive me if you're sick of them. No, scratch that, tell me if you're sick of them and I'll figure out something else to write about. Otherwise, speak now or forever hold your peace. :)

Now, since I'm speaking of quotes, here's a great one about being a professional:

"A professional is somebody that can produce a high-quality product. A professional is not an audience, and when he views things, he looks for what's good in them and neglects the poor, low-grade things. The reason he does this is so he has an ideal scene. Without an ideal scene, he just operates off technical data and produces, artwise, a low-quality product and isn't professional. For instance, without an ideal scene, a director can never get a preconception of the shot.

"In viewing things that approach an ideal scene, the true professional works out how they did it and when presented with similar tasks of production can bring off things which approach an ideal scene in his own work." -
L. Ron Hubbard

I really like the kind of quote that you can apply to your own life instantly. This is one such quote to me. I feel as if I can easily work at professionalism by always deciding on the ideal situation or scene and comparing what is currently there to that. In this way, I can make my product better, I can make my life better.

What do you guys think?


Grahame said...

I like the quotes you choose. Keep 'em coming.

Julia said...

Thanks! :)

Madhatterr said...

I'm enjoying your quotes as well,they remind me of pieces I've forgotten or just bring things to the forefront so that I look at them again!

Julia said...

I'm glad you're enjoying them! If there's anything you'd like me to find quotes for, just shout.

cairns-tropical-images said...

I'm starting a blog - since I did Key T life i am now a widely published author

Julia said...

Kudos to you! :)