Monday, September 01, 2008

Scientology and Life

I've had some accusatory comments (which I haven't posted - it's my blog, right?) about the quote regarding personal integrity. The quote is very simple and succinct:

"Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it and it is true according to your observation. That is all." - L. Ron Hubbard

I've gotten comments saying that is a scapegoat for Scientologists, saying that we use it too freely. So, I thought I'd dredge up another quote about Scientology and life. I sincerely hope this helps people understand how Scientologists feel about their religion and about life in general:

"...But just because you know Scientology is no reason or license to stop living. You should be able to live much more fully. But you feel very free to use or not use exactly what you know, to use it as you think it ought to be used, to create the effect you want to create or just to create a random effect. That's a wide license, isn't it? The material is yours. Go ahead and take it." - L. Ron Hubbard

I think that's pretty clear. You can study the material of
Dianetics and Scientology, then decide if you want to use it in life and how much you'd like to use it in life. Just like every other religion, you have the choice of when and how to use the information you've studied.

Any questions?

PS: Please, if you do have a question, frame it nicely and politely or it won't be published. If you accuse me or my religion of anything, I won't be publishing your comment. If you have a question about something that has nothing to do with this post, I'll try to answer it or give you a link that will answer it. I think these are pretty reasonable requests and most readers do the above naturally - but some don't and may wonder why they aren't getting their comments published.


Grahame said...

I've had similarly illogical comments on my Scientology blog about the article Personal Integrity by L. Ron Hubbard.

The article seems pretty straightforward to me "What is true for you is what you have observed yourself."

How anyone can manage to argue with that one is beyond me and the negative comments I've received have been completely illogical and have shown that the person commenting either does not understand the article or (perhaps more accurately) doesn't want to understand the article.

Anyway, I like your post and the other piece by L. Ron Hubbard that you quote. Freedom to choose is a very important freedom.

Julia said...

Thanks so much! I'm open to questions, but insults get a little much.

I agree that freedom to choose is one of the most important freedoms.

Peace said...

Hey Julia,

I like these quotes. Thanks for sharing them!


Julia said...

Hey Peace,

Thanks so much! Glad you like them. :)