Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Quote about War

I though this quote is particularly applicable to our current situation:

"A society which advances into a war as a solution of its problems cannot but depress its own survival potential." - L. Ron Hubbard.

That one's pretty interesting. We've been at war for several years now, and I haven't seen the state of the US improve. What about you?


rdas7 said...

Hey Julia, I think that your question might be a little simplistic.

The way I understand how you phrased the question is as if being at war has a direct correlation to the quality of the US. First of all, you do not specify which aspect of the US (the economy? homeland security? etc.), and secondly you infer that after several years of war, there should have been improvement.

My interpretation of LRH's quote hinges on the key words "as a solution of [a society's] problems". In the case of the current wars, I do not think that they were entered into as a solution to problems — in fact, that is the very paradox with these wars! There is no clear objective, so there is no measurement for "success".

Happy holidays!! I enjoy reading your blog!

Julia said...

Hi rdas7,

My "We've been at war for several years no, and I haven't seen the state of the US improve." comment was meant to be an agreement with the quote. The national survival potential, from how I see it, has been depressed.

Societies enter into war as a solution for problems (in this case, as a solution to terrorism and who knows what else), yet war is not a solution. It harms quality of life for citizens of our society as well as the citizens we are at war with. That may be a broad statement, but it's my opinion.

I agree that there has been no measurement for "success" with these wars - but really, what measurement of success have we used for war? How many human beings have we killed today?
I am sure there are other measurements of success, but in my opinion there are no successful wars. Someone always gets hurt.

Happy Holidays to you too! Thanks for reading my blog and for your incisive comments!

:) Julia

Kenny said...

Just look at Gaza. Israel has been at war with the palestinian for decades. It didn't solve anything.

Julia said...

Very good point, Kenny.

eternity said...

A society which advances into a war as a solution of its problems cannot but depress its own survival potential." - A am from Israel ,so as direct observer of what is happening here,between Israel and palestinians,i want to say few things: What this direct observation of what is happening here is showing?- A palestinian society,leaded by Hamas, advances into war and confrontation with Israel as a "solution" of its problems ,even if it obvious,at least, for us,israelians,all the world and for some of them,too, that it depresses its own survival potential." Here is irrationality in action! They didn't strive toward peace with Israel,or peaceful co-existence-the irrational "solution" of their internal problems is war against Israel.Terrorist acts.Constantly preparing to war.Sending "kasams"(rakets) to Israel cities. The money that they received from the world and Israel for assisting their economics was turned for acquring arm and rakets,and other military things for the WAR against Israel! It was the reason of the last military action of Israel in Gaza,which purpose was to annihilate these means of destruction which purpose was meaningless(and irrational) destruction!