Monday, November 06, 2006


Here are pages 2 & 3 of The Way to Happiness. They explain why Mr. L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book and why I want to share it with you now.

The first section is called: "Why I gave you this book", where Mr. Hubbard states, "Your survival is important to me."

The next section called "Happiness" says:

"True joy and happiness are valuable.
"If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtainable.
"Trying to survive in a chaotic, dishonest and generally immoral society is difficult.
"Any individual or group seeks to obtain from life what pleasure and freedom from pain that they can.
"Your own survival can be threatened by the bad actions of others around you.
"Your own happiness can be turned to tragedy and sorrow by the dishonesty and misconduct of others.
"I am sure you can think of instances of this actually happening. Such wrongs reduce one's survival and impair one's happiness.
"You are important to other people. You are listened to. You can influence others.
"The happiness or unhappiness of others you could name is important to you.
"Without too much trouble, using this book, you can help them survive and lead happier lives.
"While no one can guarantee that anyone else can be happy, their chances of survival and happiness can be improved. And with theirs, yours will be."

"It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life."
-L. Ron Hubbard

I am sure you can think of times when you wished you were happier or times when your friends suffered and you didn't know what you could do to help them. I'm going to be posting different sections of this book and I hope you will share them with friends and use the information yourself to lead a happier life. Your survival is important to me too, so tune in next time for another chapter of this common sense guide to better living. If you're impatient, check out and find out more about The Way to Happiness.

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