Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Precept* 1 of The Way to Happiness

The first precept of The Way to Happiness is:
"1. Take Care of Yourself"
This precept breaks down into 5 separate points, which are:
"1-1 Get care when you are ill.
"1-2 Keep your body clean.
"1-3 Preserve your teeth.
"1-4 Eat properly.
"1-5 Get rest."

All of the above actions are common sense. When you are sick or injured, you should take the appropriate steps to get better or heal. Keeping your body clean will lower your risk of germ related diseases and help you maintain a good relationship with your friends and family. Preserving your teeth is something you must do if you want to be able to eat, which brings us to eating properly. Eating properly can help your whole body do well. Getting rest will enable you to be sharper and more on top of things, not to mention make you feel healthy and make you less accident prone. To see what Mr. Hubbard has to say about the above five points, check out www.twth.org.

*Precept: Rule or statement advising or laying down a principle or principles or course of action regarding conduct; directions meant as a rule or rules of conduct.

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