Saturday, March 08, 2008

What is Life as a Scientologist Like?

I think that I cannot define what Scientology is without an aside about what life is like as a Scientologist. This was also a question asked in a previous comment - which at the time I thought was kind of odd, but shrugged it off. After talking to some friends that I have who practice other religions, I discovered this is actually a common question.

So, though it's pretty boring, I'll tell you a little about my week and you can decide if it's much different than your week:

I get up at around 7 AM, do a little writing (I'm working on a novel), some exercise, get showered and dressed.
Leave home at 8:30 and get to work at 8:45 AM. (I'm so glad that I live close to my office!)
Work from 8:45 AM - 5:45 PM. I have lunch in between that time. Usually I go home or to the park for lunch, sometimes I go out to eat with co-workers.
I eat dinner, then drive down to my church. At 7PM I do some study there as I'm working on a Scientology course. I end off at 10PM and go home and to bed.

Friday night: I went and saw 10,000 BC. Pretty cool movie. Now I'm blogging.
This weekend I have a very fun excursion with my best friend planned. I'm taking her out to brunch and then to a spa for her birthday. I LOVE spas, so I think it'll be a pretty fantastic Saturday.
Saturday night I'll probably hang out with my boyfriend.
Sunday I'll sleep in, I have a work meeting I need to attend, then I'm mostly free. I've been invited to have a dinner with my boyfriend's family on Sunday night, so I'm sure that's where I'll be then.

So, that's my week. Is it much different than any one who is actively involved in other religions? In my experience, it's not. There's a lady I used to work with that did Bible study every night. Another lady at my office used to be very active with her church and dedicated her entire weekend, along with a few days a week to youth activities. What's your opinion?


John N said...

I'm a Scientologist and while you gave a day-to-day look at being a Scientologist I'll give a wider look.

I have 3 children that are excelling in school, tops in their classes and a joy to be around. My wife and I are often asked for parenting tips by other parents who have problems.

I have had my career blossom from making $40,000 a year 9 years ago to making $20,000 a month now. I have a high school education. I credit my application of Scientology to my work and business life. I also did some special Scientology auditing (counseling) that completely handled some issues I had about making money - since then it’s been a rocket ride. Effortless. I have donated a ton of money back to Scientology so that the church can reach others with this life-saving information.

My wife and I have a great marriage. She studies daily at the local church and has gained 13 IQ points in the last year from study of it alone. Also she had a lifelong fear of dogs handled in Scientology counseling last year.

As a Scientologist I still have problems, but the difference between me and non-Scientologists is I know that I have the tools in Scientology to handle those problems. I don’t worry like I used to. I don’t get depressed. Life always has hope.

I swear I think I was asleep as a being before Scientology woke me up!

The bottom line is that Scientology works for me, my family and everyone I know who applies it to their life. It’s a great way of life and a tought dedicated group to be a part of.

Scientology gets attacked by people with their own agendas. I don’t mind being a bit of a rebel, on the cutting edge. I love seeing all the powerful and famous people who recognize Scientology for what it is. There are a LOT more Scientologists in powerful places that I think most people realize. As a group we're working to fix society. Not many other people can claim that and point to results. Its not a conspiracy, just a coordinated effort by people who care.

Being a Scientologist is like being the only person in a dark cave who has a light to see by. You want to help others. Its an advantage and an honor to be a Scientologist. It makes it so I don't have to worry about my own survival or my family survival and can actually take time to help my fellow man. Sounds sappy but its true.

So pick up a Scientology book and read for yourself. It's good stuff and you’ll never be the same again.

jere said...

Sounds pretty normal to me (also a Scientologist).

I live way out in the country on a ranch and have my own website design business, so my schedule is a little different:

Get up at 8:00, feed dogs, cats, horses, goat, ducks, rooster, self. Muck out stalls if needed.
9:00 - 10:00 AM work on Scientology Basic books extension course (currently on book Science of Survival).
Answer emails, handle work until about 6:00. Take some time off for lunch (play cribbage with my wife over lunch).
6:00 dinner, feed animals, self.
7:00 back to work for an hour or two, then a movie or TV show, then bed.
Weekends we "go to town" - it's an hour away -- and shop and see a movie.
Once a month, we drive five hours to get to our closest Church of Scientology and spend about 8 hours a day studying or getting auditing.
Rinse and repeat.

kevkev said...

I really enjoy reading your and your dad's blog :)

Greets from Germany!

Julia said...

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for commenting and giving me your look on what the life of a Scientologist is like and how it's helped you. :)