Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wrong Thing to Do

There have been several sets of fires here in SoCal these last couple weeks and a question that's gone through the minds of many is: "What (if anything) can I do?"

Well, there's a great quote by L. Ron Hubbard that can answer that question:

"There's one positive certainty that you can have: that it's wrong to do nothing."

That really hit home for me this weekend. I have two sets of family that live up by the fires and a good friend who's home got burned down. At first I felt helpless - what can I do about a whole house burning down? What can I do about my evacuated family? I discovered what I could do on an immediate basis was call them, let them know I loved them and that I'd help them if they needed me. I rallied some friends to call up my buddy who's home was burned down. I've never experienced something as shocking as my home burning down - I hope I never do - but I hope words of comfort and offers to help eased the burden.

So, no matter what you do, remember to do something. If it's calling friends or loved ones just to let them know you care - if it's resolving a family argument that has strained your relationship, or if it's donating money or items to charity. The wrong thing to do is nothing - so do the right thing and do something.


Madhatterr said...

Sometimes the Power of Simplicity is lost on all of us.

It is often we just need to find a more causative viewpoint over the disasters that happen around us so that we can do something about them, as you have here.

I do hope all your family and friends are all right. All the best!

Julia said...

Thanks so much Madhatter! :)