Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Drug Rehab

There is a group called Narconon, which has safe and effective ways to rehabilitate drug users. They are a secular group (meaning they operate separately from the Church of Scientology), but Narconon is supported by Scientologists around the world.

The history is pretty amazing. In 1966 a three time convicted felon and hard core drug addict was arrested once again for a drug related office and put into prison. He read a book by L. Ron Hubbard and was able to overcome his drug use, which had been going on for years. After corresponding with L. Ron Hubbard, who offered advice, the felon initiated a program to help out his fellow inmates and addicts to overcome their drug addictions. The program spread to other inmates and after his release, this man spread his program even further to include non-incarcerated addicts. Now Narconon operates over 106 groups in 36 countries. It has gotten 16,000 people off drugs with a success rate of over 70% of it's graduates living completely drug-free lives.

There's a ton of
wins and successes from this program. They're really awesome.

If you or anyone in your family is addicted to drugs or alcohol, go to
http://www.narconon.org and get the help needed to live a happy, drug free life.

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